A fourteen year old boy, Conner Meyers, from Hilliard, Ohio had his life turned upside down when he found out that his parents, Kathy and Andrew Meyers, were struggling financially. They were not just struggling, they were fighting with every ounce of energy they had, but they were losing. The parents wanted to do anything they could in order to provide for their son. Their son, Conner, who should have been outside playing and enjoying his childhood was thrust into the real world as he found out that his family was losing the Nobel fight and they were about to lose their house.

It’s sad to say but it happens a lot in today’s society. The financial problems all over the country are causing people to become homeless. In fact 3.5 million people experience homelessness each year and 35% of the homelessness population are families with children. These homeless families struggle every day to find ways to provide for their children and sadly they cannot always find what they need. There are a lot of shelters and soup kitchens that are willing to help but these places cannot help everyone. And because so many people go without help, they sometimes turn to odd jobs to make money.

And that is exactly what Conner did. Instead of sitting around to watch his family struggle, this young, brave boy decided he was going to do anything he could to help out his family. At first, Conner asked around to borrow money. Anyone who has walked down the street of a major city can tell you that the many beggars on the street are sometimes overwhelming and because there are so many it can deter people from giving money. But that did not stop conner from asking. Of course he found that his friends were more than willing to help. This is a luxury that so many homeless men and women don’t have. So many people walk by without giving money. But Conner was lucky enough to have these great friends.

After a couple weeks, Conner had saved up some money that he could have given to his family to help pay the bills or even just use the money to get food for the day so he wouldn’t starve. But that’s not what he did. Instead he realized that sometimes you have to spend money to make money, so he decided to go to TheIronSuit.com where he learned how to make his very own Iron Man suit. With the money the boy got from his friends, he was able to pay the $14.99 membership fee for the site. Once he had access he was able to create and customize his very own Iron Man suit. He spent nearly every dime he had saved up on parts for his suit. The total came out to be a little over $500. But after all the money he spent, Conner had his very own Iron Man suit which of course any young boy would love to have just to play with. Of course, Conner wanted to do something else with his suit. In a very clever move, he took his suit to his local mall to pose for pictures with random people for a small fee. He was charging $2 per photo and every now and then people were generous and would give him $5.00. People were astonished to find out that Conner was doing all this to help his parents pay for their mortgage. Conner was doing an amazing job, but sadly Mr. and Mrs. Meyers were so far in debt that $5 here and there was not going to make any kind of dent in the debt.

But that’s not where Conner’s story ends. As much as he was doing he was not making enough for his family, but he was not going to give up. Conner went to the mall day after day to scrape together small amounts of cash to hopefully save up to help out his family. Promote himself on sites like Craigslist and Fiverr. Finally he got a break. People loved the suit so much that people started to hire Conner for parties and video promotions. Conner started to get paid $200 per hour. Of course after a while this money started to pile up and he was able to help his family get out of debt and now he does it all for fun, and of course a small profit.

It just goes to show that a young boy with an imagination and the drive to help the family that he loves can do just as much as anyone. He showed that Iron Man may need an arc reactor to keep his heart pumping but that does not mean he doesn’t have a heart. So remember, if you need money or just want an Iron Man suit visit TheIronSuit.com. The site helped turn a young boy from Ohio into a real Iron Man and it could do the same for you.

Tony Stark
Tony Stark

A wealthy American business magnate, playboy, and ingenious scientist, My full name is Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. Owner of Stark Industries.

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