Nowadays it is completely normal to spend over U$10,000 to buy a new car. Is that an investment? Well, it depends how we use the car but usually, it is not an investment at all. The thing is, when we buy a car, the price decreases immediately after we take it out of the concessionary. Then, we spend a lot of money on fuel, service, and maintenance; and in most cases, we don’t get money directly from the use of the car. In other words, no, it’s not an investment. We know this, but that doesn’t stop us from buying it, right?

And what happens when we talk about something that doesn’t seem very useful but we still want it. Like a Rolex watch, a Salvatore Ferragamo tie or an Iron Man armor costume suit? Are these things just a luxury or we can find the way to monetize them?

I think it depends on how creative we are. For example, with Eleven James now we can make some profit from the luxury watches we own. With Airbnb, we can turn the guest’s room in a hotel room and earn some extra bucks. With Uber, we can turn our own car in a chauffeur service. And we can mention many more examples of how we can monetize our belongings thanks to something called the “sharing economy”.

But, I don’t want to bore you with random economic terms; the purpose of this article is to show you how you can also make your dream of owning an Iron Man armor true without feeling that you are wasting your money in some kind of whim.

I can tell you for a fact that the Iron Man Armor costume suit can be one of the best investment you can make in your life. There are people making U$1,000 every single day with a U$3,000 Iron Man suit. How? Let’s talk about that.

Have you seen the Transformer street performers in Las Vegas? They don’t have the best quality

Street performers

Or the cute bunny girls? They are not that cute, just half naked.

Street performers

And you have probably seen dancers, singers, painters, actors, musicians, etc. Every city, especially the touristic ones, has street performers and these guys can make a lot of money in one single day.

How many performers with a bad ass Iron Man armor have you seen? I’m pretty sure not many. If you have seen a couple, pretty sure the costume was not that great.

If you want a picture with any of those street performers, they always ask for tips or donations (U$3 to U$10 per picture) and they make a lot of money from that. Imagine walking around the streets with a top quality Iron Man Mark 43 armor costume like this:

How many people do you think would be amazed and willing to pay a few bucks to get an amazing picture with Iron Man to post on social media? Thanks to Instagram and to Robert Downey Jr., a lot of people would!

Conner Meyers, a 14-year old boy from Ohio, tried it and his life changed.

Let’s make the math…. if you have an Iron Man Mark 43 armor, then you hire a random guy to wear it for 4 to 6 hours in the most touristic square of your city, and ask him to charge U$5 for every picture; you will need only 200 people to make U$1,000 a day; 200 people divided in 6 hours is only 34 people per hour. Do you think that’s possible? With a suit like this? ABSOLUTELY!

You are making U$1,000 a day; that means you can pay the guy you hired U$100 or U$200 per 6-hour day job. You don’t even have to do the job by yourself.

And if you think this cannot work in your city because maybe you live in boring Oregon or in the Sahara desert… You still have plenty of other options.

For example, people will pay lots of money for having Iron Man advertising their product; all you need is a free account on Fiverr and a smartphone with an HD camera; then you can just create your gig on Fiverr like this one here: “I will promote your brand while skydiving”  but with a more appealing title like: “I will make Iron Man promote your business“; then you can charge U$50 or more for every order. If you get creative, you can do much more with this.

Besides those two options; you still have plenty more ways to monetize your suit; you can rent your Iron Man armor costume U$200 per hour for events, parties, conventions, etc.; you can offer services on Craiglist or eBay; you can assist to kid’s birthday parties, I’m pretty sure they are tired of clowns and magicians.

The limit is beyond the sky.

The idea of spending U$4000 in an Iron Man suit could seem outrageous; to be honest, it sounds like a waste of money but we are true believers that our suits are not only high-quality collectibles but also beautiful and amazing investments.

After buying your own Iron Man armor suit, it is perfectly doable to get 100% return on your investment in less than a week and that’s a big deal.

Maybe later you can create your own legion of superheroes walking down the streets of your town and piling up a lot of cash. How cool would that be?

Let us know your thoughts. In which other ways would you make money with an Iron Man armor costume suit?


Tony Stark
Tony Stark

A wealthy American business magnate, playboy, and ingenious scientist, My full name is Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark. Owner of Stark Industries.

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    • Markus cutler

      What about copyright

      • Tony Stark

        We male handmade collectibles, none of our clients have had any problems with copyright. We had a problem with Marvel years ago because we were using the domain but then we changed to and they didn’t say anything else after that. As long as you don’t get on TV I don’t think you should have problems, but feel free to get advice from your attorney, this is not a legal advice. Thanks

    • Jim

      Is you affiliate program still active? I would like to promote through clickbank but the affiliate page seems outdated and I see no reply to Markus Cutler who left a comment on 09/03/18. Just checking before I invest to promote your program.



      • Tony Stark

        The affiliate program is active, we are working in new tools but you can start anytime. Thanks

    • Adam

      I am also getting no help from the help desk says zen helpdesk is no longer active. Anyway I was trying to piece together my suit but I cant quite figure out how the two forearm pecies go together and how to bicep would connect to anything?or it is a free floating thing? Thanks for your help
      Sincerely Adam

      • Tony Stark

        We are migrating our helpdesk, please contact us through Facebook, Instagram or email. Thanks

    • Gavin

      I can’t get into the members area, it just says that there are too many IP address accessing one secure area. What should I do?

      • Tony Stark

        Please contact us in the help desk, we need to reset your account since you have accessed from many different places and the system locked you out.

    • Patrick

      Cool I would like to make up $1000 per day for being at Event’s.

    • Mologadi

      I am interested in making $1000 a day by being at events.

    • Anonymous

      How much does it cost to make a suit and is there a way to make it cheaper?

    • Amit

      I’ve should ask you a question before that promoting your products.
      I’m asking you same question like others.
      Are your affiliate is still alive??
      Hey Reply Us.
      We’re already generated many Hoplinks from ClickBank.

    • Amit

      If your affiliate program is still alive then we’ve no problem to promote your products.
      Btw, can we copy your articles for promoting.
      Please Reply Us.

      • Tony Stark

        The affiliate program is still alive using Clickbank and yes you can copy the articles.

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