We perfectly know that you desire a Real Iron Man Suit as much as we desired it once. Actually, we know exactly all the things passing through your mind every time you imagine yourself wearing this awesome superhero suit: Grabbing the attention of everyone in the streets or perhaps being the coolest guy in the next Halloween party or even better starting to make some money with it. 

There are a lot of benefits you can get with a super realistic Iron Man suit and maybe you also want to feel the satisfaction of creating your own armor and take out the "Tony Stark" from you.

Who doesn't want to be a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, right?

We can't promise you will become a genius or a playboy, but let's not forget everything is possible. And for sure, we will help you.  

Some people would just buy the suit but if you are talking about a real Iron Man suit made with fiberglass then it could be quite expensive. Don't forget to check the Iron Shop in case you are still interested. So, if your thing is to save a lot of money, then you are in the right place and you are about to have a blast building your own costume.

Iron Man Costume

"If you're nothing without this suit, then you shouldn't have it." -Tony Stark

E. Christian Trejo



Welcome, Avenger!

I can tell you without hesitation that Iron Man is my favorite superhero in the Marvel Universe. 

And there is no doubt that the best ideas always come while eating dinner. In this case, eating dinner and watching an Iron Man movie. 

I was fascinated about how Tony Stark managed to create such a great weapon in a cave! And I thought "it would be great to have a real Iron Man suit".

And in that precise second, I walk to my computer and I started to create a list of the pros and cons of making one. I researched the best materials to use; definitely not iron, not steel, not even metal at all (sorry to disappoint you). 

And then I found the amazing world of the fiberglass and all the things that you can create with it. It was enlightening. 

It took me a few months to figure out everything but in the end, I knew deep in my heart that this was going to be very valuable knowledge not only to me but to every single fan of Iron Man.


  • Material List (all what you will need for your suit; you can get it in Home Depot or similar)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions Guide (follow this and you will be great)
  • 3D Blueprints (all the files of the suit designed in a 3D Software)
  • Software Viewer (you will get the software necessary to view and print the files) Not available for Mac.
  • Pictures (these will help you to know if you are in the correct path)
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS: (Explaining the most important steps)
  • And we will answer any question you have with our Support Service
The Ironsuit website

The Complete Material List For Your Costume

You don’t have to worry about research or figure out what are the best tools or materials to make your suit. In the members' area, you will find exactly what you need and we will tell you where you can buy it. Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself

Step-by-Step Instructions Guide.

Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself We know you don't have a master's degree in fiberglassing. That's why we've created easy-to-follow instructions to make the whole process so simple that you won't believe it. Relax and let us guide you!

The 3D Blueprints of the Iron Man Suit

The most important part of the members' area: the 3D files of the suit. This is pure gold! Without these files, it would be impossible to make the costume. We have invested a lot of resources in creating these blueprints, but it was worth it. The final result of your costume will be spectacular thanks to this. You're welcome! Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself

Special Software To Open The Blueprints

Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself As we already mentioned, the 3D files are very well done and very professional. Because of that you need a special software to open the files, visualize them and print them. The software belongs to a third-party company, however, in the members' area you will have access to the basic version of the software; that will be enough to open the files, visualize them and print them. The software is NOT AVAILABLE FOR MAC yet.

Pictures of the Entire Process

We know "the books without pictures are better" but this is not a book, it's a guide to build something really awesome. That means the pictures are really important. That's why we added enough of them to guide you and make the whole process easier to follow. Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself

Which Iron Man Armors Are Available?

We know you are so excited about this... And also we know you want to build all the Iron Man Armors you have seen in every movie or comic. The good news is we are working to provide you with the tools to create all the Iron Man Suits!! And we will be updating the members' area every time we have a new costume ready to start working on. So far, we have the following versions waiting for you:


"Still can't believe I finished my armor in just 1 month. It was very simple for me to follow the instructions. Also, the videos are very helpful. Good job!"
Iron Man Armor Costume Do It Yourself

Robert Lane

"People ask me for pictures and autographs in the street. Thanks to this guide I became quite famous in my neighborhood and I'm even earning money with my suit. This is awesome"
How to make or build Iron Man Costume

Julian Bonser

"Dear IRONSUIT Management, I did a little tinkering and... It powered up. Everything works! It fits great. It feels great. The light-up eyes are fantastic. This is my suit for Comic-Con, San Diego, California. This, to be honest, is probably the best investment I've ever made. I tested everything and it's all ready. You're the best. Thanks for your patience. You're the very best."
Ironman Armor Costume Suit

Mark P. Belcher


Actually, this is a tricky question...

Do you have an idea about how much would an industrial designer will charge you for blueprints of the Iron Man suit with all the details? I mean, Tony Stark was a millionaire, otherwise, he would have never accomplished it.

No kidding, this would cost you like $3,000 at least. Especially because we are talking about a very nice and professional suit design of the funniest, and more sarcastic Avenger. Not considering that he has different versions (Marks) of the Iron Suit and we are constantly adding them to the platform.

Plus, the Step-By-Step Instructions guide that will help you to build it; we could talk about a $3,500 price. But, to be honest, that is pretty much the price if you want to buy the Iron Man suit ready to use, so I will make you a HUGE discount...

What do you think if you will have to pay only 10% of the total value? Is that too much? No, I don't think so.

We think $350 for our membership is a very fair price. But you know what?

Let's make it more interesting. We are going to add Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Valentine, Halloween and your birthday discounts to the price right here, right now.

  • 3D Blueprints

    Cost of an Industrial Designer to create the blueprints for you
  • Step-By-Step Guide

    Cost for a teacher to create an easy-to-follow instructions guide.
  • Monthly and Yearly Updates

    Cost of the professionals to create new blueprints and updates.
  • Support Service All Year

    Cost of having someone to solve your questions any time of the year

    This is how much you would pay if you try to do this by yourself
  • The IronSuit Huge DISCOUNT

    This is for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, your Birthday and all the discounts of the year.



Yes! I Want Instant Access Now!

I understand that I'll receive instant access to:

The IronSuit Members Area so I can learn and use all the resources available on the website to build one or more costumes. Also, I will have access to any update and/or upgrade while my subscription remains active.

I understand that at the moment of my subscription the members' area includes:

Iron Man Costume Suit (Mark 2, 3, 4, 6, 42, 45 and 47)
Master Chief Halo (man and women version)
One monthly participation to win prizes and gifts
Online support
Future updates/upgrades

I understand that all the material will be available for me in the members' area of this site and I am not going to receive any physical or tangible good in my physical address.

I understand that I will participate in the monthly raffle to win different gifts and prizes from the website only while my subscription remains active.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, you will get refunded all that you paid with no questions asked.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Material List (all that you will need for your suit; you can get it in Home Depot or Amazon or Ebay)
  • Step-by-Step Instructions Guide (follow this and you will be great)
  • 3D Files (all the files of the suit designed in a 3D Software)
  • Software Viewer (you will get the software necessary to view and print the files) Not available for Mac.
  • Pictures of the process (these will help you to know if you are in the correct path)
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS: (Explaining the most important steps)
  • And we will answer any question you have in our Support Service

Not really! Do you remember the Kinder Garden where your homework was cutting, folding and pasting?

It is almost that simple. Actually, in the first step, you will do pretty much the same. Except that you will need more patience and to put more attention to the details.

You won’t have problems if you follow the instructions, and if you get stuck, we will be one email away to help you.

Seriously, the hardest part is the beginning and I am not kidding when I say that you just need to print, cut, fold and paste. Don’t worry! 

The files we will give you are ready to use. 

This is a very important question. We all know that Tony Stark or most of the characters on our website have an athletic complexion; in this way, if you are the proud owner of a big belly I would recommend you to work out a little bit before you decide to build your Ironman costume or any other costume.

The 3D files (ready to print) are from someone who is 5.872 feet (1.78 m) tall, 163.14 pounds (74 kgs) and waist 30.

If you are near to these numbers you don’t have to change anything, but if you are NOT near to these numbers or you are planning to build this for a kid then you just need to change the scale of the files.

And Guess What? You will find the information to change the scale easily in the members' area. And we will also help you to know what is the right scale for you.

Mmmm, around 6 months… JUST KIDDING!

Of course not, this depends on how much time you spend per day, some parts of the process require a few hours to dry.

But if you spend around 2-3 hours per day you could finish your costume in less than a month. Of course, if you just work on it on weekends maybe you will need more.

As I told you, it depends on how much time you invest to finish this…  Also, if you put more attention in the final detailing you could delay more time but you will have a better-finished armor.

Of course, we can!

And not any costume, we can make a crazy-badass costume for you. 

Check the Iron Shop to check the costumes available for purchase/

If you are not happy with your purchase, we will refund 100% of your money without making any questions. 

You have 60 days to try our membership. 


Our Rock-Solid 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are completely sure you will be amazed by our content and resources that’s why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your membership, you will get refunded all that you paid with no questions asked.

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